Climate Change is going faster and faster… We, Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker, Tu Delft and his Crew use real-time data coming from a living tree to warn us about climate change. Using 12 sensors and 1200 datapoints we gave the tree a voice in a way that’s we might listen to.

Trees and their tree rings are data capsules, they are showing the change in climate happening over the years. Instead of waiting years, we made a system that could do it in 1 second.

Showing how the tree was feeling right at that moment.

More info:

Check the movie to see how it worked

Environmental changes and the impact of pollution is indicated by the yearly growth levels shown in the rings. With these accelerating shifts taking place we don’t have time to wait years for this data” says Biersteker. “It’s time to speed up the process to a human pace and show with data what nature is trying to tell us.”

When a traffic jam was near the tree the pollution levels grew and it became completly red.

We used a set of different sensors to measure how the tree was doing.

When you touch the tree you could calm it down, creating a connection with nature.

The more space between the rings, the more the tree was growing

This moment was so cute, she did not want to leave..