“Invisible a los ojos” is a tribute to Le Petit prince, created by a collaboration of artists from Latin America. More than 150 artists from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brasil, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and USA joined virtually to create an interactive tribute of the classic book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Featuring different styles and techniques, illustrations by 4 to 6 artists per chapter. Our next step is to join forces to make a printed version of the book. To view all the illustrations and info about each illustrator visit our interactive tribute book.

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Chapter 1

Gabriel Fermanelli

Chapter 2

Fabricio Díaz

Chapter 3

Maximiliano Dall’o

Chapter 4


Sebastian Infantino

Chapter 5

Sara Niett

Chapter 6

Leonardo Rodriguez

Chapter 7


Federico Avella

Chapter 8


Armando León

Chapter 9

Natalia Bellagamba

Chapter 10

Rodrigo Lujan

Chapter 11

Haku Sen

Chapter 12

Diego Frachia

Chapter 13


Juan Pablo Camarda

Chapter 14

Carlos Villarroel

Chapter 15

Tatiana Pollero

Chapter 16


Ángeles Sena

Chapter 17

Carmen Nogales

Chapter 18

Maria Jose da Luz

Chapter 19

Nahuel Rollan

Chapter 20

Manfred Maroto

Chapter 21

Felipe Niño

Chapter 22

Pamela Barbieri

Chapter 23

Roger Hoyos

Chapter 24

Nicolas Brondo

Chapter 25


Daniel Gallego

Chapter 26


Chapter 27

Marcelo Miraglia