We created an illustrative series highlighting some of the most unusual UK traditions that we can’t quite believe still exist.

From cheese rolling to bog snorkelling, the UK certainly has some quirky pastimes.


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The annual race sees a crowd chase after a 9lb wheel of cheese

The World Gurning Championships is a competition to see who can pull the funniest face

The World Hen Racing Championship is taken very seriously by competitors who train their hens for the race

Competitors swim through a bog using flipper power alone

Competitors attempt to eat as many 2ft-long stems of stinging nettles as possible in 1 hour

The town bring in the new year with a procession of men carrying barrels of tar on their head

Maypole dancing is the traditional way to bring in the spring

The festival sees a performer parade through the village in a 5-stone straw and metal bear costume

The Mayor is weighed at the start and end of their term to ensure they don’t ‘eat off the fat of the land’

Men compete in a race with their wives flung over their shoulders