After 5 years of a lovely relationship me Justina and my beloved man Tautrimas have decided to get married. Our wedding story may sound a little bit unusual to you but we can assure you that 20th of July, 2017 was one of the most amazing days in our lifes!

I and my husband have never wanted big, posh and stressful wedding. After a long discussion we have decided to invite closest family members to a trip where we would have a lovely ceremony. At the time we didn’t have big amount of money to spend, so we planned a family trip from Lithuania to Slovakia (there were 8 adults and 1 todler in total). We are in love with mountains and their magic since first time we saw them, so we thought: “let’s get married on the top of a mountain!”

One of the biggest question was “who will marry us up there”? We came up with an idea to ask my super cool dad to speak there and symbolically marry us and he said “Hell yeah!” Officially we got married right before the trip to Slovakia. Whole ceremony was absolutely amazing… I can’t tell in words how beautiful and lovely it was. Everybody got tears… :)

Another big decision was to choose photographer. Should we hire somebody from Lithuania or Slovakia? Or maybe we should do another crazy thing and take photos by ourselves? :) There were 4 professional Canon cameras (I’m a photographer) so anyone who wanted to take some pictures was allowed and encouraged to do that. After the trip we had tons of pictures so I retouched best of them and the result is absolutely gorgeous!! :) Enjoy!

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