We teamed up with our friend and fellow photographer Jessica Kobeissi to create a new photo challenge for ourselves.

The three of us each had a $5 maximum budget at the dollar store to find items to incorporate into a photo shoot with a model.

The confines of the budget and store enabled us to be creative in ways we may not have been otherwise. Take a look at the final results and the behind-the-scenes below and let us know what you think!

If this inspired you, take the challenge yourself and use the ridiculously long hashtag #mangostreetdollarstorechallenge.

Magnifying Glass: $1

Mirror: $1

Aluminum Foil: $1

Tablecloth: $1

Bubbles: $1

Iridescent Bow: $1

Kraft Paper: $1

Dashboard Sun Shield (used as a reflector): $1

Red Mason Jar: $1

Silly String: $1

Dollar Store Challenge Video