Have you read many stories about people who leave their office jobs and start travelling like crazy? We did. And just like many others kept on going for short Christmas/Easter vacations to hang out on the beach and hurry up back home with a bunch of souvenirs for friends.

Once we set off to China for a couple of weeks and…now have been staying here for 1,5 years. We, Dmitry who was a CEO at an Israeli digital agency and Julia who gave up her modelling career and a chance to win the international beauty contest.

What did we get instead? First, lots of free time to enjoy discovering so diverse parts of China and nearby places. Second, an opportunity to do what we always wanted to do—travel photography. We are quite new to this art and keep on learning all the time. Third, a strong belief there’s nothing impossible if you really want to change something in your life.

As for China, we plan to stay here for another year—this country keeps on surprising us all the time. What’s next? We’ll see but those who experienced freedom once will never get back.

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