We work for a second-hand store and decided to show the world how donating and buying second-hand can give products a new life, be fashionable and support a good cause at the same time.

The tree was created by Fretex Sandvika which is a part of Fretex Norway, owned by the Norwegian Salvation Army. Follow our step by step guide to make your own!

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The final result is exhibited at a combined Christmas tree and art exhibition in the Town Hall of Sandvika, Norway

Here’s how to make your own in a few simple steps

If you don’t want to use a blouse, a large scarf works just fine as well

We spent a lot of time making sure the wire mesh was well secured and properly built. We used thin steel wire to sew the seams together

As a base we used a colleague’s grandmother’s old Christmas tree which was cut into smaller pieces

For a less messy result, we decided to make the branches as flat as possible

We used old jewellery and some traditional Christmas decoration that was available at our second-hand store

Only the lights are missing