We are Pichi and Miezu and we are from Brasov, Romania. Our passion has always been art and luckily we met, a few years ago, and started to work together.

We make mural painting inspired by old masters, and very often we use gold leaf on our paintings, because it gives a noble touch. Not every time our paintings are influenced by old masters, the themes of the paintings are established according to the spaces, in which they will be painted.

Over time, we made sculptures and bas-reliefs from various materials. Sometimes in the spaces that we have decorated, we introduced sculptures to give the space more elegance.

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Beautiful bedroom in an italian house

Painted ceiling

Sculpture in clay

Sculpture in clay

Detail from the clay sculpture

Detail from the clay sculpture

In the studio, working on the sculpture

Finishing the ceiling painting

Painted ceiling in a room that is designed for relaxation

Sculpture casted in white cement

Sculpture in clay, in the studio, from the back

Detail from sculpture in clay

Painted ceiling, also in a bedroom, with gold leaf that surrounds the room

Datail from the ceiling

Finishing the painting

Detail from the painting

Sculpture casted in white cement

Working on the final details

Western theme in a saloon bar

Detail from the painting with a 3D effect

Painting in different stages of work

Our sculptures at a spa center

Painted Colosseum surrounded by gold leaf

Bas-relief with Colosseum

Painted ceiling at a spa center, Bouguereau inspiration

Detail from the ceiling painting

During the painting

Usual posture when painting a ceiling

The English flag

Bas-relief frame with an aged patina

Casting a statue