My Son loves nature and spending time outdoors. He also has a habit of picking up “treasures” – it all started on the beach one day about a year ago. He noticed shiny pieces of green glass and started collecting them. On our next trip to the park he noticed more glass, then plastic and metal.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t come home with the jangle of glass and “junk” in my back pocket. With all of it piling up and us doing our bit to clean up our environment and beautiful city Cape Town, we have started creating “artworks” or as my wife calls them “No-saics”. That is because none of the pieces get stuck down, but rather become “brushes” to recreate pieces.

We started off with a spiral shape, because that was what he was into at the time. Then progressed to a Unicorn for his friend’s birthday card and a Brontosaurus for another friend.

I have been taking it a step further and started creating some more intricate pieces.

We are still not sure where this will lead, at the moment we are having fun with it while cleaning up our public spaces.

There is a potential future business where we will sell prints and originals with portions of the sales that will go to helping bastions of the environment like the WWF and Greenpeace and maybe there will be some left for a college fund kick starter.

The names we have come up with do far are:

1. Lost and Found

2. Finders Keepers

3. Three foot treasure hunter

The readers are welcome to say which name they prefer.

Spiral complete

Spiral detail 1

Spiral detail 2

Spiral detail 3

Spiral detail 4

Unicorn for Lola

Brontosaurus for Harry

Cape Sugarbird

Southern Right Whale

Black Rhino

King Protea

Lesser Flamingo

Angler Fish


South African Flag – For Heritage Day



Spoils of the day

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunter

Treasure hunters