Me and a friend drew inspiration from the beautiful intricacy of sliced wood. We went out and collected local Ash wood from our home county of East Sussex in Southern England. We sliced up the wood, waited for it to dry and placed them in a wooden frame, also made of Ash. We then poured epoxy resin to create a table top.

We added glowing powder to the bottom layer of resin, so the table top glows a calming blue in low light conditions.

The layered casting method we used finish’s with a top layer of crystal clear resin, it makes an stunning 3D effect with the wood.

It took months of attempts and failures until we perfected the process of resin casting. It was all worth it in the end however, as they look better than we imagined and every house guest and visitor is spellbound by them.

Take a look at the pictures below and a full video of them being made!


More info: Etsy

Watch the table being made in this video.