Christmas is a time when families everywhere come together to celebrate, spend time with each other, and of course, eat! But the American staples of turkey or ham are definitely not the only festive feasts out there. The Christmas experts at Balsam Hill asked people all over the world what they enjoy cooking up with their loved ones. Check out some of the pictures they shared below!

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Argentina: Two types of stuffed chicken, potato salad, empanadas, and Vitel Toné, made from slices of veal in a creamy tuna sauce

Australia: Christmas barbecue with steak, sausages, chicken skewers and sweet potato

Mexico: Meat broth and roasted vacío steak with arugula and potatoes

Serbia: Fish, baked beans, potato salad with onions, and homemade bread

Brazil: Chester (a large type of poultry), parmesan rice, pastéis (a deep-fried crispy pastry filled with melted cheese), and creamed heart of palm

Portugal: Codfish, eggs, potatoes, and greens