When I was a child, I dreamed of traveling all over the world, flying like a bird, overcoming physical and mental boundaries, in some sense like birds flying. As I grew up, I experienced it personally that way of life that birds have, nomads or migrants, sometimes it was a necessity, sometimes it was a pleasure. Thanks to this I enriched myself with lots of experiences, sometimes were good and sometimes bad, then is when you really learn.

Maybe this is the reason why I can stop painting birds.

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Selfportrait with birds

This is the main watercolour painting for my first solo exhibition “Pájaros acuarelados”, it was the last idea to paint about the project.

Swallows surfing the sky

My sky is full of these birds. Also, I can see lots of sparrows, swifts, blackbirds…

Female sparrow

I found this little sparrow in Marbella. I was following it until I took the picture!


I am lucky I can take pictures of these birds.