I have moved to Chicago about three years ago. Around two years ago I have started to learn watercolor. And good 90% percent of what I painted were animals. At that point a cityscape was something beyond my perception.

But step by step I’ve got to the point when while taking a walk in downtown of Chicago I stopped for a moment gazing at something in front of me and thought: “Wow, I wish I could paint it”. Not that long ago (November 2017) I have decided to give it a try.

This helped me a lot to expand my skills. I have discovered for myself techniques, materials and tools I’ve never used before.

The “Bean” is one of the most inspiring things for an artist in downtown. And this is what I have started with. It took me three attempts (you can find all of them on my Instagram) to finally get what I wanted (following the rule “If something doesn’t work for you – you just didn’t try hard enough”).

There is always room for improvement and a lot of things to work on. But at that point I feel like it is something worth sharing with those who love Chicago as much as I do and also with those who will fall in love with that city once they visit it.

More info: Instagram