You thought Burning Man festival was out of this world? Well then take a look at the Wasteland, the “world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival” in the Mojave Desert.

Inspired by the recently rejuvenated George Miller’s blockbuster franchise Mad Max, the festival follows the same post-apocalyptic theme of a world that’s gone completely mad. And to recreate the same atmosphere, each September east of Bakersfield, California, plunges into chaos for four days and becomes a temporary shelter for thousands of survivors battling it out in the dunes.

The costumes are mandatory and everybody needs to stay in character, which makes for a helluva role-playing session, considering that the last festival gathered a record 2,500 people. During the day, the crowds are entertained by the constant bass-heavy beats from the dance pit and the uninterrupted roar of the battle cars clashing in the arena. While at night the fires shed light on the world of chaos. Oh, what an event… what a lovely event!

More info: Tod Seelie, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: wired, designyoutrust)