This is a story of my colleague who found beauty in the place where it is least expected – in production of labels.

I am working in printing house Aurika with 400 colleagues. For me it’s too difficult to remember their names, what to say that I don’t know anything about most of them.

One day I was going to drink coffee and I met unknown colleague from production. He caught my eye because he had a photo camera. I asked him to show what he photographed and I was amazed. It appeared that for 2 years he has been making photos of printing inks waste tanks. He said they appeared to have artistic value. He also said he was surprised that I liked his pictures because many of people called him insane to make pictures of waste. During successful week he had just 1 opportunity to take a photo because it depends on what labels are printed if there’s “right” inks waste to be captured. Besides this process was temporary while waste goes straight for utilization when new label is launched on the machine.

From this meeting he became my friend, his name is Marius Turauskas. He works as printing machine operator and he inspired me to look into the details, to find beauty in daily routine. By the way I started to try to know my each colleague, to remember their names and to listen to their stories.

In addition, Marius photos inspired all my team to create unique labels for water (more: ) and we started social project within company. We print canvas out of Marius waste pictures. It’s funny, but people like them and buy for their homes. The money they pay goes to social fund to assist children having cancer. We are going to launch this social project public in Spring, 2018.

In process of taking pictures

New friendship

Labels created from inks waste photos

Inks waste photo gallery:


Earth from space

What’s the name of this animal?