Filmed in El Hierro at Spain’s Canary Islands, this video of a freediver turning the ocean upside down to walk on it and touching vertically undulating watery portals is simply impossible. It gets even more magical when he puts on a cape and soars through the ocean like a superhero. And yet it’s all real.

The masterminds behind this video are a trio of audiovisual production specialists — Armando del Rosario Pinilla, Francisco del Rosario Pinilla and Armiche Ramos Quintero – who state right after the video, “The images in this film are real and without any effects of image composition” But how? We know the ocean is magnificent, but this really takes it to the next level. Apparently, all they used were some old-school camera tricks. We are vexed… but these wouldn’t be ‘camera tricks’ if everyone (like us) knew how they worked!

As this guy said on Vimeo, “The swimmer is very talented, but also mad props to the cameraman, I’m sure some of those shots were incredibly difficult!” We concur.

More info: theoceanbrothers.comVimeo (h/t: sploid)