Artist, body painter, film and art director – Vilija Vitkute (27 from Lithuania/Sweden) won World Championship in Bodypainting Special Effects at the most colorful festival of the year in Austria, Klagenfurt where talented artist from over 50 countries comes to compete and present their art that takes months to prepare. It takes 7 hours at the competition to finish the final artwork, which is presented to Jury, photographers and large audience.

It took her over 2months to prepare this special art piece, during pregnancy and after birth, she competed at World championship 7 weeks after giving birth.

The ambition and dream to improve her self and to others that she can create art – special effects bodypainting form from eco-friendly materials for body and environment, that she can keep on her art while being a mother with a baby, to create about climate crises – human and nature relationship, to inspire people for change and become one of the best, inspiring artist in the world with her art.

Her art piece is all hand made/cut from recyclable materials – paper. It speaks about the “clear mind – clean planet “.

The stereotype of special effects is to create with Latex, Silikon, Plastic materials, but this time it was all recyclable materials, that inspired jury, other artist and the audience about its original idea and elegance.

Artist Vilija Vitute writes about her artwork :

” This artwork means a world to me. I put my heart, lots of love and hard work to it. I’m happy my message was understood at World Bodypainting Festival and I got time to create it a few weeks after giving birth. I proved to myself that I’m a strong woman and that I can make the change and keep on inspiring the world, live my dream and be a world champion!

My artwork speaks about clear mind people who work hard and with love for saving mother earth in climate crises like Greta Thunberg, Xiuhteztatl, Jane Goodall, David Attenborough, Leonardo Di Caprio, Boyan Slat and many more. All we need now is more understanding, caring, love and help to save. No matter how we look like, what language we speak, how old we are, we are all connected. By saving mother earth we save our selves. I wanted also to show an example of creating art which is environment-friendly and inspire artists/people.

Special effects made in the paper by hand in recyclable and eco-materials by artist Vilija Vitkute.

Model/performer – Malgoshia Sus

Assistant- Elisa Hochrainer

Now artist continues to work on her next film, bodypainting camouflage series, paper cuts, dance bodypainting performance projects around the world.

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Winner ceremony at World Bodypainting Festival 2019 Klagenfurt