I’m french artist living in Paris. 4 years ago, I started a blog called Golem 13, (in reference to one of the character of “San ku kai” cartoon of my childhood), in which I publish my own artworks and some innovative and creative information about advertising, artworks, new technologies, etc. I even created a “WTF” heading, in which I post some weird and funny projects or ideas.

“WTF” could actually have been the title of the article I published for April’s fool day! I created Stan, a fake Parisian hipster, sick of blu-ray quality and its so called perfectness, who would only watch modern television and movies on VHS.

To make it real, I bought a TV, a videotape recorder and some real VHS from the 80’s at a flea market. Then I used photoshop to create about 20 fake VHS covers of modern movies and TV shows such as Gravity, Interstellar, Walking Dead or Game of Thrones based on old logos and fonts. To put the finishing touches to the article, I asked Julie Carbonnel, a french editor, to write the fake interview.

More info: golem13.fr