When I was in Paris and Versailles last summer, I was struck by the sheer ambiance and classical romanticism of its rural and urban landscapes. So much so, that I wanted to portray the mood I felt when I was at these historical places through different chemistry of deliteralized colors in my urban photography shots. I edited these interesting photos to simulate what Paris would look like on a habitable, parallel, and alien planet, a type of “Earth-Mars”.

The pink hues, cyan skies, and infrared-like palette are meant to infuse each of our senses with the elements in each stunning picture as if you were there to enjoy the music of such moments and walk a nostalgic path with me as if my camera was your compass.

I am utterly fascinated by how our imagination can paint a new reality with photography art. I think it is the reason why I love to experiment with various approaches to provide a dynamic, tangible experience greater than what your eyes can see.

Jardins de Versailles

Eiffel Tower

Arc De Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel (Louvre)

Notre Dame Along The Seine

Stroll Along The Seine