There is this big abandoned building in our city that is stuck between shortage of money and bureaucracy things. It’s so big you can’t avoid it and it’s seen from everywhere. The whole city hates this ‘ghost’, as we call it. So as the proverb says “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, I decided to do something about this problem.

I measured the windows inside the building, bought polyethylene sheets and some tape. From the wood that I found in this building I made frames for the windows. It took me about two months of preparation and testing. Finally, when everything was ready, I lit the torches and candles by every window. Installation lasted for a few hours. The night was quiet and silent without the wind. The beautiful moon looked very peaceful and calm.

And funny thing, that the real moon was in the exact phase that day.

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Making window frames

Lights from the inside

Lit with LED flashlight

Making of: