I am a photographer and a dog lover. I don’t care what breed or famous breeder or kennel, aristocratic history or the price. When you meet your dog, it does not matter what she or he looks like. What matters is what you feel and what the furry creature feels for you. What you are ready to give to each other and to take from each other.

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In this series I would like to show the extraordinary relationship between dogs who were once homeless and their foster mothers and fathers. Both the dog and the human try to understand each other so hard that they almost interchange their minds. That is Unity!

Many thanks to Ania Cieślak for her invaluable help in carrying out the project. Thanks to all my models – canine and human. You are all wonderful!

More info: foto-psy.pl

Dobrusia & Skierka

Maciek & Ido

Justa & Mantayo

Monika & Faber

Marcel & Luna

Basia & Rufus

Marion & Miodek

Grzegorz & Rudi

Ola & Mafia