The sea bottom has always awakens our curiosity. With its own privacy and dangers, it has always attracted us to sea adventures. Sea shells, corals, sea stars and all other visible and invisible creatures inspired us to recreate their underwater world. Our collection of bracelets, medallions, earrings, rings and hair accessories is made from natural materials collected from nature to get the most out of the ocean underwater.

Our “Underwater World” is created for the hot summer days to bring you a good mood and a light breeze on the ocean.

A giant world collected in a miniature jewel. Whenever you look at it, it will delight you and carry you somewhere in the bottomless blue of the sea and the ocean. You will dive among the marine occupants at the bottom of the ocean. You will meet, colorful fish, shy jellyfish, curious sharks, sea stars, pearls hidden in shrouded shells, eels, turtles, shaggy coral, and sometimes luminous plankton and many other visible and invisible marine inhabitants.

We created a micro world inspired by the deep blue sea.

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