Nature is abundant with sturdy patterns — blueprints for substructures that heal the psyche, built out of the every day ruins of existence. Kyle Cottier’s sculptural practice is rooted in the metaphysical study of underlying patterns and principles that give rise to the convalescence of the natural world. Within his work, the permanent cycle of growth and decay coexists with the presence or absence, informed by the essential human experience of processing loss.​

Through a union of terrestrial and architectural constructs, his work inhabits the territory where entropy and geometry in the universe converge. He navigates these dualities of chaos and order, and existentially, life and death, to kindle a deeper psychological awareness of the interconnectedness between nature and mankind.

Illumination of the vascular infrastructure shared by trees and the human body is vital to his material foundation. Utilization of reclaimed wood is equally fundamental to his practice—to bring new life and wholeness to discarded scrap. This process ultimately reflects upon how elusive death is to define. Cottier’s work attempts to honor the individual’s place in the family of all things; a single intensely alive point of connection within an infinite entanglement of life.

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