I embroider magnolia leaves, and people are discovering my work commissioning me for specific designs. Here’s an insight to my process.

Pilot Mountain

Finished embroidery on magnolia leaf of Pilot Mountain (NC) in fall.

The Sketch

Drawing out a sketch of the embroidery is essential. Making the sketch in or approximately the size to fit a magnolia leaf is also important for me to do. Doing the sketch to size helps
me visualize the amount of detail I’ll be able to put on the leaf, it also streamlines the process in that I’m able to take out a step of resizing.

Reference Photo

Typically I need a reference photo to assist me in my drawing process, especially when I am doing a custom design for a place I am unfamiliar with. I like to be as accurate as i can be. This photo is by: Chris Anthemum


I don’t have an dedicated studio, other than my bed[room]. Occasionally I work at the Starbucks down the road from my job before work begins to avoid traffic and get some work in.

Mated and Ready for Glamour Shots

I photograph all my leaves with a plain background with a mating and backing. This way people understand how the leaf is supposed to be finished and also have a better understanding of size.

Bit of a Close Up

I always like to get a close up, as the leaves are fairly small and so is the detail.

Detail of French Knots

So many french knots. This is probably 3-4 hours worth of french knots.