If you heard the words a “honeymoon trip”, you would most likely picture a 5-star hotel with a spectacular ocean view, always good weather, and a lot of sun. Raimonda and Tadas Bali, photographers and travelers from Lithuania, decided to celebrate their marriage in a different way. The couple fond of active leisure and challenges picked Iceland – a country with unpredictable weather, which has enchanted them by its splendid nature long before the trip.

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They traveled the way they love the most – packed everything for a 2-week trip in a carry-on backpack: kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, and even a pinch of living-room. Two backpacks – 20 and 25 kg of home – over the shoulders.

For the first few days Raimonda and Tadas traveled without any specific plan – they would pick a direction and simply hitchhike. When the couple arrived at Skógafoss, they decided to challenge themselves in a strenuous and tough 80 km mountain hike in a wild almost untouched nature. Here the most spectacular places can only be reached on foot.

On the second week the photographers and travelers rented a car and visited the Westfjords and the Northfjords of Iceland blessing the country for the overpowering beauty of nature, adventures, and impressions for the rest of their lives.

Today Raimonda and Tadas Bali enjoy the flavor of thyme tea, which they gathered in Snæfellsnes peninsula, and share their moments on Raimonda’s Instagram (www.instagram.com/raimondabali). When asked, if this trip was challenging to them as the couple, they answer: “Traveling and new experiences are the ones to strengthen our relationship. During the trip we have to be open to one another more than ever and accept each other the way we are. And all those first times, new experiences and adventures that we share lead us to the state of bliss. Therefore, we sincerely wish all couples to discover the joy of traveling together, since this time together is the most precious experience and baggage this very minute and for the future.”

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