Nelly and Gilbert the cats

Nelly is a female, Ragdoll-Birman mix, which is why she is darker than the average Ragdoll cat. She is 2 years old, born on October 10th, 2015.

Gilbert is a male, Bengal cat. He is a year old, born on December 9th, 2016.

About Nelly and Gilberts personalities.

They have really different personalities! Nelly is shy and not a fan of other kitties and people that she doesn’t know. It definitely takes her a while to warm up to new people. That was the reason why we got another cat. We hoped that having another feline around would help her with her shyness. So that’s why we got Gilbert! When we used to have friends over to our place, Nelly would hide. However, this has been getting better since Gilbert’s arrival, which is great! When it’s just us at home, she feels very comfortable, so will be bouncing around the apartment, playing with her favorite teddy bear, and running after us for cuddles.

Gilbert, on the other hand, is very hyperactive, loves people, and even other cats and dogs – the complete opposite of Nelly! He is very active and needs a lot of attention, as do most Bengal cats. We take him for walks because he loves the exercise! He loves to play with Nelly and all his toys. He is a very social cat and loves to cuddle! Gilbert pretty much loves everything!

They both love their wet food and treats, especially Dreamies!

When we brought Gilbert home, he tried so hard to win over Nelly. He wanted her attention desperately and just wanted to be her friend! He followed her around our home everywhere and would always try and force her to play with him. Finally, after a couple of weeks, Nelly grew fond of him and accepted him as her little brother. From then on, they started to nap together, play together, and she started to treat him like a little brother. Nelly would even help him up the cat tree when he was too small to do it himself!

Nelly and Gilbert complement each other perfectly. Nelly helps Gilbert to stay calm when he needs to, and Gilbert helps Nelly to be more outgoing and adventurous when she needs to! They were meant to be!

The relationship:

The best word to describe their relationship is unique. They are extremely close and love each other very much! When Nelly leaves the room, Gilbert goes with her. And if Gilbert goes to the litterbox, Nelly goes with him. It’s really sweet! Even when Gilbert goes to their food bowls, Nelly will follow just to sit beside him while he eats. They have become best friends (with the occasional play fight)!

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Chilling in the sink

Gilbert with a pineapple top