The story of this project is very exciting and at the same time simple and kind. Back in 2016 two girls, which both by that time successfully were running their own established charity projects, aimed to help homeless animals to find new homes.

A first project named in Latvia and in Poland are aimed to combine all country animal shelters in one database and a second project named Cat Care Community, that helped to find new homes for homeless cats and build cat-houses for those, who live on the street.

In the end, they decided to start collaboration and create a new way of finding new homes for cats and dogs from the streets or shelters. After some time, the result of their hard work was not long in coming. As a result of cooperation, during the last 2 years, there was organized 5 charity photo-exhibitions in shopping centers and the amount of adopted homeless animals have doubled, both projects became more popular and got a lot of new fans.

But now, the time has come to set a new challenge and therefore new idea was created!

The new project, which got a very lovely name – Youcats (as both of the girls adore cats) came to live.

The main idea of Youcats is to combine together charity, help to homeless animals and educate children to share their love for pets. Therefore, it was decided to select and offer toys for the kids on the local market, which would help to develop positive qualities from the very young age.

Youcats will present different branded or hand-made toys and will tell you why this particular toy is selected and what uniqueness it has. Only those toys will be selected, which are tested by ourselves and made within the EU.

And the main thing, please keep in mind that 1% of each toy value will be donated to one of the charity projects or shelter. The idea is to cooperate with a different organization and not to leave any of them unnoticed.

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