A joke unlike a Houston student in the United States can say much about the need for different audiences to feel represented in the advertisement. Tired of looking for and not finding Asians on brand posters and restaurants, Jevh Maravilla decided to take action.

The 21-year-old managed to install a fake poster in one of McDonald’s franchises in the city. The advertising piece he created had his picture of him and a friend, with the image of the two apparently happy to taste the fast food snacks.

“I noticed there was a blank wall at McDonald’s, so I decided to make this fake poster of me and my friend,” wrote Maravilla. Through a video on YouTube, the student posted the pictures of the game and his motivation to perform such a catch.

“If you did not realize, there are not many Asians represented in the media,” he says in the video. “One day I and my friend Christian were eating at McDonald’s. I look up, I see a blank wall and say, Hey, what if we put a picture of us there? Look around, there are literally no Asians on any of those walls. Maybe we can change that.”

The most incredible of all this? The store seems to have enjoyed the “joke” because the poster has been there for almost two months.

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