When it comes to modern TV logos, any kind of design can be dreamed up and produced with a few swift clicks on a screen. Back in the day, however, producers had to get a little more creative, and you may be surprised to find out that many iconic TV logos still in use now were physical objects fashioned for filming.

The most famous example of a ‘living logo’ would have to be Leo the Lion, the official mascot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, who you’ve definitely seen roaring at the begininng of countless films. MGM had filmed a variety of real lions for their opening sequence since 1917, but they found a true superstar when they discovered Leo in 1957. He’s been featured inside the studio’s golden frame for 60 years now, making him the longest-used MGM lion by far.

See amazing behind-the-scenes photos of several notable logos being crafted by hand below, and breathe a sigh of relief at the advent of animation technology. (h/t)

RTF Television



Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Columbia Pictures