Before my trip to Japan I was your ordinary UX Designer. I loved my job, my life and my daily routine. Everything changed after my 26th birthday, when I embarked on a long journey to Japan. When I arrived, I felt that my life as I knew it, was gone forever.

I became aware of the importance of traveling. I understood how vital it is to expand my horizon, be in perpetual motion, seek that next adventure.

This is why I started my blog, You Could Travel. My new goal is to travel as much as possible and help others become informed travelers to make smart decisions.

I can’t go back to my ordinary life, to my ordinary routines. I can feel this unstoppable force which tells me to just explore more and never stop.

More info:

Found new ways and explored new paths. Kyoto, Japan

Found peace through the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, Kyoto.

Finally understood cultural phenomenas. Tokyo, Japan

Followed the new path to zen. Kyoto, Japan

Ate the best food on the planet. Kyoto, Japan

Dazzled by Tokyo’s neon lights

Enjoyed beautiful sunsets. Tokyo, Japan

Discovered the world’s best deserts. Tokyo, Japan

Hiked through colourful forests. Kyoto, Japan

Searched for the perfect hidden gem. Kyoto, Japan

Learned how to meditate. Kyoto, Japan

Followed the stairs to a new world. Kyoto, Japan

Shared a drink with locals on Tokyo’s most peculiar street.

Understood the meaning of life. Kyoto, Japan

Found the weirdest adult entertainment. Tokyo, Japan

Felt love, joy and found true happiness. Tokyo, Japan

Ate real sushi. Tokyo, Japan

Learned new customs and traditions. Kyoto, Japan

Stopped to admire, understand and learn. Tokyo, Japan

Understood that for us all, the sky is the limit. Tokyo, Japan