I was born and raised in Eastern Europe but have never been to the Balkans.

So this Summer I bought a motorbike (older than me), shaved my head and left for a trip that turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done to date.

More info: jacoblaukaitis.com

This summer I bought a motorbike, shaved my head and left completely alone

I wanted to explore the Balkans, so I drove 8000km for 4 weeks across 15 countries without a map

My only possessions could fit into a small backpack

I’ve seen, done, experienced so many remarkable things

I love being outside my comfort zone

I’ve found that owning things is simply impractical: you need to take care of it; it attaches you to a specific location

So I haven’t had a fixed address in the past two years because I rarely spend more than a month in a single country

I’m a digital nomad, my work is location independent and I couldn’t imagine living any other way

Have a look at my trip!