Social issue advertising, in addition to raising awareness, can inspire all kinds of (often unpleasant) feelings in the viewer, ranging from serious outrage to tender sadness. These unexpected posters that popped up around Vilnius, Lithuania, this November, however, will likely make you smile.

Activists of “Tušti narvai” (Open Cages), the animal rights organisation behind the project, say they didn’t want to just show another upsetting photo of a miserable animal in a cage. They decided there have to be other ways to make people consider not buying animal fur, and thought showing how outdated and out-of-fashion natural fur is would hit the target. The NGO were fortunate to get help from professional copyrighters who agreed to work on the anti-fur visuals free of charge!

Over 2 million of fur animals are reported to be killed in Lithuania. The country has a lot of fur farms, and even though 58% of inhabitants had a negative opinion of fur farms, most recent poll shows that now 67% of Lithuanians are against fur farms. This 9% change in opinion in mostly due to the change of attitudes of people who live in Vilnius where the posters were displayed. The poll was conducted when the posters were still on the streets.

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