My project is simply called “Nests” and mimic the random human activity in the urban landscape. I was inspired by the characteristics of several cities on my travels around the world where I often found different unplanned, almost organically placed, elements that interfere with the typical facades of the buildings in specific cities.

Through this project I wanted to point out the extent of these “infections” to show how disruptively absurd as well as interesting the urban space can become. I have been working on these nests since 2011, when I set up the first “Nest 01” in the city center of Prague. I installed it directly on the waterfront of the Vltava river while I was still studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

I install all the Nests myself from a ladder or sometimes from a crane. All the Nests go by numbers and they usually occur on hot spots of contemporary public spaces.

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Nest 05

Aarhus – Denmark, 2015.

Nest 03

At skeleton structure of a former Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Ostrava city – Czech Republic, 2012.

Nest 01

At Vltava river waterfront, Prague – Czech Republic, 2011.

Complex Nest

At Futura gallery – Prague, Parabolic antennas, steel, cables, 2013.

At RED gallery – London, Parabolic antennas, steel, cables, 2013.

Nest 04

At abandoned building of former elementary school, Sokolov city – Czech Republic, 2012.

Nest 02

At Church of the Holy Spirit, Liběchov city – Czech Republic, 2011.