Fight for democracy – Don’t be silent and Don’t be violent

The fight is against the Government of India who has passed a law called the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) which is discriminatory by nature to a particular religion (Muslims). To oppose the law the citizens of India chose to protest against it. The law gives citizenship to religiously prosecuted refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh except for Muslims. It’s been more than 2 months since protests raised all over India. The major concern is in everyone’s mind, it is very confusing to understand but minorities are in fear that they are targeted. Also, the majority of citizens also feel the same because once it implemented along with NPR (National Population Register) and NRC (National Register of Citizens) it will be a dangerous combination to make citizens of India vulnerable. The “Tiranga Rally” happened in Hyderabad on 10th Jan 2020. All people from all age groups gathered in protest against the law (CAA – Citizen Amendment Act) with the national flag in their hands. They all said only one thing: India is a democratic country and we are secular. The fight will continue to save our constitution.

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Riders to reach the rally

Rallying youth

Women ride with family to the rally

Watching ongoing rally

Identify by clothes

For our future

For there future, mother rally for democracy

We fight for our rights

Hum Kya Chaatee – Azaadi