Wall clocks have been existed for almost 100 years. We think it’s time to take the next step and create something that will be more than just a be clock and a beautiful addition to your home!

TIKO transform the whole wall into a watch, through the colorful lights. Choose from millions of colors to perfectly complement your existing decor, or simply match it to your mood. The wooden frame as well as the LEDs form a group of interconnected elements that transform the wall into a timeless screen. A light trace in the form of a circle can be adjusted and amplified to suit wveryone needs.

During the day TIKO is a minimalist but excellent wooden circle on the wall. After sunset TIKO becomes a source of light.

The automatic night mode, which starts with the sunset, switches off all LEDs except hours and minutes and minimizes brightness so that after dark you can get a subtle glow. This minimalist setting will provide you a good rest.

A study by Harvard Medical School and NASA has revealed a great deal about the importance that light has on our health. They explain that blue light helps produce cortisol, which is an important energy source in the morning, and red light helps to produce sleep-inducing melatonin.

Tiko cares for your health, imitating natural sunlight, generating bright blue light in the morning and warmer amber light in the evening. It’s an intelligent lighting system that works well for your sleep, and adds strength every morning.

The clock is equipped with a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. This gives us unlimited possiblies and assurance for failure-free operation. Modern LEDs at maximum illumination take 3.5W, so very little. All data entered in the clock settings is automatically saved. You can connect your TIKO to your local WiFi network for quick and easy adaptation. Internet connection adjusts the time to the selected time zone.

To show the time, TIKO will display three different colors that you can freely change in your settings Tiko use 60 individual LEDs, each can display over 16 million colors. That gives you an capabillities to lift to your home decoration or your current mood.

User-friendly interface. Simple, easy-to-use configuration page. Works on any mobile device and PC or MAC without additional software. Just a web browser allows you to control all clock settings. Change the color to match your interior, adjust weather animations, or just turn it off for the night.

The clock case is made of hardwood plywood, so it is free of discoloration, inserts, or knots. Both the clock face as its base was made in CNC technology using a milling plotter. Because of the participation of computer technnologies, the production can be called modern craft, but remember that everything starts with the idea. The production process and design details have been optimized countless times, resulting in uncompromising quality at a reasonable price. We fight the stereotype that design products must be expensive, we want our clock to be available to everyone, and to find its place in every home. TIKO appearance and electronics design is completely developed by us. So, we can provide a unique product that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

More info: tikotime.pl

Tikotime in night