The new game console was recently launched on kickstarter by Glasgow based design company, Curious chip. And it would allow you control it with a literal banana! it also comes with two side controllers, and an external electron board which means it could be essentially hacked on to any object. The console is designed to allow tinkering and working with logic. And comes in a portable size, enough to be held with just one hand,

Created by Sukhvir Dhillon (Co-Founder and Chief Maker) and Jason Frame , the amazing new console would help teach kids how to write computer programs, and to interact and tinker with games designed to nurture their creative side.

It is yet to reach its kickstarter goal of around $35k and would launch April of 2018 after it is fully funded.

More info:

portable and could be carried anywhere

The console board is connected to a banana !

Anyone can try it. It is like legos, but for electronics

Play games like the Switch console

simple design for gaming and coding

Writing the first game

The controllers are at the side and can be removed

It is said to launch next year

It is built on the raspberry board

Play , tinker and experiment