This is the story of a very special Crazy Cat Gentleman. Hello, my name is Sabrina Boem and I’m an Italian photographer. I’m currently working on a project called OF CATS AND MEN that shows the deep relationship that some men have with their cats.

Francesco is one of the men who inspired me for this project and I want to share these photos with you because I’m sure that many of you feel the same way for your cat. It’s unusual to see such personal photos of a man with his cats even if there are so many men who have cats at home or volunteer in shelters. Francesco has three rescue cats at home plus he cares for a colony of cats in his neighbourhood and he also fosters abandoned kitties until they find their forever home. Francesco is a special man, I’m sure you will feel how much love he has for his cats, enjoy this purrfect love story.

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Bisy and Francesco. Bisy was a tiny little kitty when Francesco rescued her. She was very sick, she had a very bad eye infection but Francesco saved her life and now she’s perfectly healthy

Her left eye is blind but she doesn’t need it because real love is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

Pippo and Francesco. Pippo was rescued from the street too

He just adores Francesco and their evening cuddles on the sofa are something they both look forward to at the end of the day.

What about chin scratches? Pippo loves them! Can you hear him purring?

Look at me. Straight into the eyes. Tell me Pippo, who is your one and only love?

Bisy and Francesco. I only have eyes for you…

“When Pippo wants cuddles all you can do is give in,” Francesco says. “Oh well, I’ll be late for work again…”

Scratching sweet Pippo to sleep

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

It’s not fair, it’s too high, dad!!

Pippo and Francesco. Love is not looking at each other, is looking together in the same direction


Best buddies

Do you like my human sofa? Quite comfortable indeed!

Do not disturb. Chin scratches on

Just you and me. Nothing else matters