Valentine’s Day is a day for love, flowers and chocolate. So naturally the perfect way to celebrate it is by unleashing a torrent of annoyance and despair upon your loved one.

The twisted geniuses at Firebox have created the most annoying Valentine’s gift ever. From the outside, it looks like just another adorable card. Press the button inside and this musical card plays a happy jingle, just like any other.

Except, the song won’t stop playing, for at least three hours, meaning mind-numbing repetitiveness and possibly a mental breakdown.

The only way to stop it is to smash the circuitry inside, but ripping the card up to get to it will release a cascade of glitter over the unfortunate recipient, adding yet more misery.

If you’re not into the whole lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day schmaltz, this card will at least make for an interesting experience to say the least and will test the limits of your relationship.

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