Caution: If you assumed this is the typical lovey-dovey valentine’s day post, sorry you’re mistaken! Please go ahead and read this to know if I got you curious :)

Do you vaguely remember seeing movies where the guy finds his girlfriend write her name on all the cigarettes; or the movie where she gifts him an expensive ash-tray? So many efforts to make them quit smoking, but wasn’t this too cliché? Well, maybe yes!

The other day, I happened to see a post online that showed multiple advertisements to promote the “No Smoking” campaign. I was so overwhelmed that I ended up doodling my own ideas on cigarettes that I borrowed from a couple of friends. While they bought me the cigarettes I had asked for, a few of them ended up giving me one from their pack. Got the trick? They smoked one cigarette lesser that day!

Here’s my version of the same campaign and I’m so soo glad that I did influence a couple of people to reduce smoking :)

Also, you might be interested in the blog I was referring to – read it here.

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“If only”, thought the caterpillar. The butterfly in it’s prettiest form would have born if you had not lit this cigarette. The caterpillar slowly burnt itself to ashes and smoke.

She smoked about 10 cigarettes post meal every single day. She was beautiful and people thought she looked hot when she held the cigarette. But why did you fail to tell her when she was 50 that the same cigarette shattered her beauty?

Well, that wagging tail looked adorably at you when you were smoking in one of those work-breaks. Maybe he was asking you not to, and maybe he never realized he had become a passive smoker!

It was spreading its beauty in reds and greens, until that day…

He was strong and sculpted, he was an inspiration to the boys and the girls just couldn’t stop gushing! He retired one day because he didn’t have the strength to even hold the football.

Life is tough, my friend! And so complex that once you lose that key, it’s impossible to even find the riddle.

Just look at those long and curly locks of hair! She went bald one day, just because she promised her husband that she will always be there. That was when he gradually started losing himself to cancer.