This crazy Giraffe has been a big part of my life for about 9 years now. She showed up after me loosing a 5 years long job as a project manager in the marketing agency. I will never forget the day my boss told me: “Sorry, from tomorrow on you don’t have a job anymore but for sure you will be thankful for this”.

If I could I would have caught his throat and choked him that day but I just ran out of the office and, of course, never showed up there again. Since then I am a freelancer and yes, I am thankful for kicking me out of that place.

So, a few weeks after this situation, Patsy Giraffe showed up and now I cannot imagine my life without her.

Well, you see, when I am painting and coloring those beauties, strange things keep happening to me.

A few days ago, I found myself soaking the brush into my coffee mug without knowing what I am doing. Moreover, I was not sure for how long I was drinking that coffee. Anyways, nothing happened to me and Giraffee was just shining in her new colorful clothes.

Or, on the other day, I could smell that my neighbour was cooking something and after about an hour I realised that it was me who was burning my lunch, not poor old neighbour.

Life is not boring with my Giraffe. 

Not at ALL.

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