U.K. Artist and craftswoman Joolz Webb makes a living by stabbing realistic looking animals into life!

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Joolz spends many hours working on her felted creations, using the process of ‘needle felting’, stabbing into wool fleece with a long, barbed needle.

“I aim to create realistic-looking animals, so when I get towards the end of the process it can look a little weird and freaks some folks out! If I am making a life-sized mouse it can look like I am performing an operation on a real one.

I often work in my campervan, parked up in a nice spot. I realised that I was getting some strange looks from passers-by when I was needle-felting a mouse one day, I had it lying on its back and was finishing off the underbelly fur (stabbing in the wool with a barbed needle). The feet were sticking up in the air, the head was back and the eyes closed. I guess it didn’t look good from a distance. So now I tend to work on miniature versions of animals; cats, dogs, hares etc., when I think I may be in the public view”. (Joolz Webb)

Joolz recently completed a commission for a life-sized black cat……… now that DID look spooky when she was adding the final touches, stabbing in ear fur and paws. Bet it turned a few heads when she was working ‘on-the-road’ too !

These felt animals and many other original creations can be found online and in several U.K. shops. Joolz trades under the name of Fleet Footed Hare.

More info: Facebook | Etsy

Life-sized mouse. Needle-felted over a wire armature, with polymer clay hands, feet and nose

Sleeping mouse in a nest

Goldfinch bird, in the finishing process

Black cat commission (with mouse to show scale)

Life-sized duckling, needle felted in soft merino wool