Krakow experiences high level of pollution over the autumn and winter months. The smog comes mostly from coal and wood powered heating and car traffic. The local authorities passed a bill for the coal and wood being banned as of 2018, but they did not do anything about the cars.

Founders of Bike Belle decided to start from the roots. They saw children and parents ditching their bikes as soon as the colder days approach and decided that if people in Denmark can cycle in winter, why couldn’t the Poles? 

An idea emerged when a small boy visited their store with his mum who was trying to find something for her bike. The child started complaining that in the morning it’s uncomfortable for him to seat on his saddle as it gets really cold. This was the lightbulb moment for Bike Belle. The company decided to start a collection of knitted animal-inspired covers that could eliminate the unpleasant feeling of a cold saddle. “The little ones loved it immediately. My nephew got so attached to his owl seat cover that he even tried wearing it as a hat – says Gosia, the co-founder. “Thanks to the covers they perceive cycling as something fun, something they can do with friends, and not as nuisance. It also helps them feel warmer and more comfortable so there’s one excuse out.”

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