I spent a week here doing all kinds of outdoor adventure sports. This includes climbing one of the most active volcanoes in South America, trying some crazy new sport called hydrospeed, hiking, kayaking, and more. I never wanted to leave.

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There were incredible views from up top the Volcano Villarrica

The view of the Lake Villarrica from my hostel, Chili Kiwi

Playa Grande. The huge lake beach everybody chills out at.

Just one of many incredible sunsets over Lake Villarrica

The view of Villarrica Volcano from a secluded beach we kayaked to

Sunset over the Lake Villarrica while kayaking

A street in Pucón with the Chilean flag

The view while hiking around Huerquehue National Park

Cooling off in a lake in Huerquehue National Park

Villarrica Volcano poking out over the foliage

The start of the Villarrica Volcano climb

A destroyed chairlift from a previous volcanic eruption

What remains of an old ski resort

Making our way up the volcano

Hiking up the last snowy bit to the crater

In full volcano climbing gear. We used the saucers to slide down the snow later.

Taking in the view while scratching my back with my ice axe

Nearly at the top

Trying on my gas mask. They gave us these in case of fumes at the crater.

The volcanic crater. Notice the smoke puffing out.

Back down at the hostel looking at the Volcano Villarrica at dusk. I’m stoked to have climbed it.

Yet another fantastic sunset over Lake Villarrica

Another day, Another amazing sunset.

7 nights. Every night had a beautiful sunset.

My hostel, The Chili Kiwi.

The hydrospeed

Ok this is the last sunset, I swear.