In a faraway Murmansk oblast, Russia, there is a Kovdor city where a fantastically talented artist lives. Tatyana Belozerova, which means ‘white lake’, creates admiring toys from papier-mache, and some of them are cutie frogs. The frogs look so soft, warm, friendly and fabulous, that neither kids nor adults can stand touching or playing with them.

Tatyana used to work hard on a factory, but finally she’s found herself in doll making. Now she’s a mother of four sons and a little daughter, yet the artist finds time for modeling and sewing. Her frogs, like other toys, are aromatic and smell with cinnamon and other flavours deliciously. Each character has own personality and mood, so finding someone you know among them is as easy as saying ‘croak’. Let me introduce the guys:

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Dr. Croak

Monsieur Pince-Nez

Mrs. Little Red Riding Hood

And her friend Mrs. Papaya

Mr. James Hatter Sr.

Mrs. James Hatter

Frog Snow up on the wall

Toad the Bubble

And Nosey Parker, his classmate