Cat lover or not, we all know that our feline friends have personalities as individual and well-defined as yours or mine. (If you need any more evidence for this, just think about the universal appeal of Grumpy Cat.) California artist John Littleboy, the creative guru behind the wildly popular Pack of Dogs playing cards, knows this only too well and has captured the many shades of feline feeling in his Kitten Club playing cards. Littleboy is the artist-in-chief at Artiphany, a zany little online shop of equally zany goods, from narrative-driven playing cards to posters sporting animal-infused art history jokes (introducing Vincent Van Dogh and let us not neglect Jackson Pawlick).

Kitten Club depicts cats as they are when their humans leave the house. No longer do they bat around the yarn to entertain their silly moms and dads; instead, they whip out the needles and knit up a flurry of hearts, from ace onwards. That chrysanthemum by the window that just won’t bloom? Kitty takes care of that with love, water and a well-practiced green paw.

But let’s not tell all: It’s much more fun to follow the stories yourself as you shuffle and deal. And always remember, don’t wag your tail until you’ve played your hand.

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