I live in Poland (Rumia). I've been taking pictures for four years. I am an amateur. I am a nature photographer. I love to hang out in the meadow, observe nature and capture it in a photograph. Some photographs I make at home, by the light of the setting sun from the window.

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Beautiful background with bubbles owe manual by lens Pentacon 50 / F1.8. This is a difficult objective, but once mastered it can create colorful impressions.

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#2 Hydrangea And Bokeh

Hydrangea And Bokeh



I'm in to photography you have inspired me

#3 It's Snowing

It's Snowing


Louisa Borowick 1 year ago

Love, love love this photo!

#5 The Smell Of Purple

The Smell Of Purple


Lucas Jon Soriano 1 year ago

These pictures are absolutely amazing! Also, what do you mean by "The Smell of Purple?" Do you have synesthesia? (some senses and/or emotions mesh together)

#7 The Bad

The Bad


Anne Debecker 1 year ago

Awesome !