One fine day my step father took me outside near a jungle offering me a Packet of Potato chips when my mother was at working as a maid at someone’s home. I wish I would have known that the worth of the chips would be more than my life!

Soon after reaching at the jungle, he tied me with a rope and I asked out with fear that ,”Papa, why did u tie me?” Without any answer he started to hit on my hand with brick and I started to scream like anything because of severe pain. Then he put a towel into my mouth so that I can’t make any sound. Right after that he cut my hand. Afterwards, he removed the towel and I begged him for not cutting my another hand as I wanted to eat rice with my own hand. The brutal man didn’t paid any heed to it but cut off the rest.

Not only that, he hit on my head, back and legs to kill me and then put me in a sack and threw me into a pond. Perhaps God was kind enough to save me from being murdered! Generous passers-by found me beside that pond and took me to Dhaka Medical College hospital.

That’s the story of my life and now I stay at Airport railway station and study in a Madrasha.

– Razu Rahman

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