Birthdays are all about family, so seeing your loved ones on your special day is surely the best gift of all. Particularly when you are a multi-millionaire celebrity who has it all anyway!

This was the case for David Beckham on his 43rd birthday recently, when his eldest son Brooklyn made a surprise appearance at the restaurant he was celebrating at with the rest of clan Beckham.

Brooklyn is currently away studying photography in New York, and the whole family clearly miss him a lot. David’s reaction to Brooklyn casually strolling in to give him a hug is absolutely priceless! Holding back the tears, they embrace in an endearing show of father/son love that all the dads out there can surely relate to.

Victoria, David’s wife, was behind the camera and seemingly in on the surprise. She captured the scene while her daughter Harper, 6, pipes up in her cute little posh accent to announce “I didn’t know Brooklyn was coming!”

It’s all very lovely and emotional, which seems to be the norm for this close, happy family that appears to take their fame very much in their stride. Scroll down to see David’s touching reaction to seeing his son below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

David Beckham recently turned 43 and was planning to celebrate the occasion with his family

The only thing missing was his eldest son Brooklyn, who currently lives New York while the whole family live in London

Little did he know, he was actually planning to surprise him all along

The video posted by Victoria Beckham shows his honest reaction

Surely, the party did not end there

Looking over the many pics that the Beckham family post we can’t help but admire his fatherhood skills

People had a lot to say about the video