Imagine a day when the human being did not exist. There was chaos and then “higher powers” created the world. The Ukrainian designer Sergey Zhernov decided to rethink the Biblical story The Creation of the World, namely the Day creation of the animal world, and made a whole series of jewellery—”The Fifth Day”.

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There are rings, pendants, earrings and brooches with faces and body parts of animals and insects.

Today you have seen and known the sparrow’s feet and the wings of the dragonfly, but it’s only one possible version of the species, and realize what would happen if there was an opportunity to choose and design the species. And look at the Biblical chaos in other way.

“The word chaos first mentioned in the Book of Genesis. And it meant a combination of possibilities. Imagine that we are trying to talk in human terms about the moment when the man did not even exist. And God created human beings, not as a sculptor, but he called them out of nothingness. It’s hard to realize. But there were millions of variations dragonfly’s wings or legs could be. Her wings could easily be given, for example, to a sparrow. When I heard it, I froze. That idea kept me on the alert, while my hands crafted parts of the body of different insects and animals and fabricated them into new creatures”, – says Sergey.

For this collection the designer took copies of the wings and abdomen of the black-winged dragonfly, paw and rib of the fruit bat (Cynopterus), and the skull of the zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).

The skull is the base of the collection, because this is the new beginning.

On each piece of jewellery you can see a philosophical jewellery work — a thin and dense mesh of veins on the insect wings, the phalanx of the night vampire or the structure of the bird’s skull is clearly visible.

The main idea of the Zhernov’s collection: chaos is an opportunity to create new sense and chain of being.

Jewellery is made of copper, gold and/or silver plated with natural stones. The main stone in this collection is fluorite (Latin – fluere, meaning to flow), symbolizes the fluidity of entity. There is also an original element as a bandage – steel slings wrapping a stone.

Some dynamics is felt in the collection. It seems that wings of a dragonfly were about to swing, and the beak of an African sparrow would help loosen up from weight of carried stone.

Biblical themes are very close to the designer, because his grandfather and father created icons, and Sergey lived in a family where religious canons were well known. Zhernov calls his works “bijouterie de fantaisie”.

He didn’t come to the creation of jewellery at once, at first there was work in office, but then he decided to make his own way and switched to jewellery.

All works are handcrafted by Sergey. As the author points out, he always tries to bring a drop of grandeur into his jewellery. And what can be more grandiose than masterpiece designed by nature? Thus and so nature for Sergey is a model of perfection and an example to follow it in his works. Zhernov’s jewellery unites natural lines and author’s idea of an outlandish combination.

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