Hungarian farmers from the Puszta in the 1980s. Photographing with large size 13x 18 cm.

Editor’s note: Janos Stekovics is a Hungarian photographer and publisher based in Germany. This is a collection of portraits he took of twin farmers in the 1980s. The Lukács twins were 63 years old when the photographer visited their village to photograph them.

The twins János and István lived in the Hungarian Puszta region and had loads of duplicate things: two bicycles, two traditional shepherd cloaks, two horse-drawn carriages and the same clothes, which often lasted for twenty years or more. They both spent their entire lives on a homestead 5 kilometers away from the nearest motor way and almost unreachable. They didn’t smoke or drink and had some farm animals, a well and no electricity – nor did they need it.

The pictures were published in a book called “Die Junggesellen”.

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